Asian CineVision

Asian CineVision is a nonprofit media arts organization dedicated to

promoting and preserving Asian and Asian American media expressions.

Congressional Entertainment Caucus

While racial minorities continue to grow in size and affluence, their

economic and cultural clout has not necessarily translated into

increases in minority representation in the media.

Diversity in the Media & Entertainment industries

Who we see, hear, and read on television, radio, newspapers, and in

movies has a great deal of influence on shaping the attitudes of all


Media Awareness Network

Ethnic and visible minorities in entertainment media.

Model Minority

As diverse and rapidly changing as the society we live in, Asian Americans do not conform to any single description.

National Association of Latino Independent Producers

A membership organization made up of over 500 filmmakers nationwide

that works to address the professional needs of Latino/Latina

independent producers.

National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC)

Headquartered in Harlem, NBPC is a national nonprofit media arts

organization and leading provider of superior programming about the

Black experience on American public television. NBPC is committed to

the presentation, funding, promotion, distribution and preservation of

positive images of African Americans and the African Diaspora.

New York Coalition of Professional Women in Arts & Media

A centralized resource for professional women in the performing and

media arts. Seminars and workshops provide forums for the discussion of

issues relating to the arts and media industries and provide

opportunities for cross-discipline networking. All WGAE members are

automatic members of NYCWAM.

New York Women in Film and Television

A nonprofit membership organization dedicated to helping women reach

the highest levels of achievement in film, television and other

moving-image media industries, and to promoting equity for women in

these industries.