In The Beginning: Shaping Your Investment Future

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As WGAE has stated before, alternative debt based investments are growing in popularity and it is wise to familiarize yourself with this potentially lucrative option. First, educate yourself on peer to peer lending, microlending, and crowdfunding. Find answers to questions like "How have these investments held up for the past decade?", "Are local institutions providing financial services that surpass the competition?", or "How often do borrowers default on their loans?". Everything you need to know is available online. Spend a few days devoted to understanding these financial investments. Next step? Make a plan! Decide how much you'd like to set aside to save or invest. Maybe just $1000. Your initial investment can be experimental. Remember, the best way to expand your financial knowledge is to get your feet wet and begin investing!

Looking outside the box: Unconventional Investment Opportunities

Alternative Investment Opportunities

Did you know approximately 40% of the world's population now has internet access? This influx of consumers has compelled the lending industry to modernize their business models. Lending institutions have quickly integrated an online infrastructure that provides the ability to apply for financing, manage loans, and make payments - accessible by any device with an internet connection. Borrowers can now have access to fast and easy financing from anywhere, around-the-clock.

Farmers looking for farm equipment financing, military veterans needing capital for starting a small business, a couple wanting to consolidate their debts into one easy-to-pay loan, or an active duty military member searching for a low rate personal loan to pay upcoming expenses have found that nontraditional lending offers more affordable loans and improved services than old-fashioned banks or high interest credit card providers.

Another example of peer to peer financing and microlending's flexibility is the lender's minimal requirements. This new emerging global economy influences lending companies to provide online financial services that meets borrowers' expectations. If your Affordable Care Act health insurance plan doesn't cover your dental expenses, then dental financing can make this procedure affordable. With fixed rates and payments, it's easy to manage. You can even pay the loan back early without being penalized. These valuable financial resources could produce families who, one day, become financially independent.